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Our intro seems crazy, we aren't!  

We just believe in changes, in new opportunities and thinking outside of the box. We believe in our Slogan: 


Digital is driving us! Perhaps now you think; "Again"!  We know digital is the new trend and is being used for nearly everything, even for nothing. But digital transformation and the connected changes and prepositions influence nearly every part of our work and life. Never were the changes so fast and profound as in the last 10-15 years. So we can either ignore it and we will stay behind or we accept it and gather as much information as possible and improve our skills.

We focus our services here on helping people begin their new endeavors with their own start-ups and providing them the coaching that they may otherwise not seek. After years of professional digital transformation consulting and coaching for businesses, we created this consulting opportunity for small businesses and private users to improve their digital skills and capabilities of using digital tools, so they can use digital transformation to take advantage of everything the digital world has to offer.

Digital transformation has influenced our whole life, and with the right information and knowledge, we can make more informed decisions.

In relation to this, we discuss the gender gap in CS and DX. But the new generation is tough, and the girls took and continue to take their place and their opportunities. We will always support and help to close this gap. But in our eyes, there is a bigger and more pressing gap. The generation gap in DT and CS. There are missing digital skills in the generations. 

We want to help close those gaps and offer information, training, and coaching to improve your digital skills, digital skills for Start-Ups, SMEs, and for schools and organizations.    

Knowledge and information are the basis of decisions and changes - take your chance to improve and empower yourself to take new opportunities and to make the right decisions for your future!


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