Artificial Words

Words have changed the human world more than every weapon we have developed.

Religions have changed humanity fundamentally.

Now the human mind is developing words only a few can understand.

We couldn't handle our human words in the past and hardly in the present, how can we believe that we have the power to handle the new language for artificial intelligence.

Today we can only imagine how these artificial words will change our human world.

Human history has proven that the dangerous parts are the blind believers, who are not educated enough to ask questions.

I am sure that the only safe way on this new human journey is education, knowledge and critical reflection. Never was education so important for humanity as it is today.

Everybody should be able to understand coding, to understand process optimisation, to know what is behind robotic, ML, AI. Everybody should understand how transparent we are and how hard big companies and politicians try to see from the collective data of our behavior what we are doing and how they can calculate who we are.

If we decide to be blind followers today we will be remote controlled humans tomorrow.

In order to determine our future, we must learn.

It will be necessary to change he way we learn and lifelong learning will be normal. It must be the responsibility of each individual that everyone has access to modern learning resources, that everyone has the opportunity to learn.

If we fail this time, humanity will develop in very different ways and the disparities will be so great that our differences today will seem very small.

And this time I don't mean gender or generation gaps.

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