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Google weaves new digital experiences into the things you love, wear, and use every day to give you the power to do more and be more.

It is not for everyone this Big tech with small Tag. The first connected backpack, the Cit-e backpack from Saint Laurent, is with a price of 995 $ rather luxury than a daily commodity for most. But with Smart Levi's jackets, you can answer calls1, play music2, and take photos right from your sleeve.

With this wearable technology, Google is making a breakthrough once again. Experts at Google are hoping that the tech-enabled jackets will become a true thanks to their more affordable price point. Ivan Poupyrev, the head of Jacquard by Google: “Since we launched the first product with Levi’s at the end of 2017, we were focused on trying to understand and working really hard on how we can take the technology from a single product […] to create a real technology platform that can be used by multiple brands and by multiple collaborators.”

He also added that the overall goal of creating wearable technology is to “give people the opportunity to create new digital touchpoints to their digital life through things they already have and own and use every day.”

We'll see if smart jackets become the next big trend. The jacquard jackets are currently available in selected Levi's stores Levi's online and online in the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Italy, and Germany.

Google has been experimenting with wearable technology for several years. In 2015, they launched a new line of functional apparel that allowed users to interact with their phones through the fabric.

Stay connected, but don't be distracted.

That was our mission in developing the next iteration of Levi's with Google's Jacquard Project - an advanced technology that allows you to connect your clothes seamlessly and wirelessly to your smartphone. This next-generation version was originally developed for cyclists as part of our Levi's® Commuter™ series and offers more applications to enhance your daily experience.

WHAT your Smart Jacket CAN DO FOR YOU

The jacket lets you play music, snap a picture and so much more. Using the Jacquard mobile app, you can assign abilities to four different gestures. You can also assign LED-colored lights to specific notifications — for instance, assigning blue to your boss so you never miss their call. The idea is to easily interact with your digital world without disrupting what’s going on in real life. Here are some of the things you can currently do with Jacquard.

My Day - Ask Google Assistant to get real-time updates about sports, news, and weather.

Or hear a summary of your day.

Always Together -

Receive an alert if you leave your phone or jacket behind.

Camera -

Trigger photos remotely or from a distance with a simple gesture.

Music -

Play, pause, skip or hear the title of the current track.

Navigation -

Hear your next direction or check your estimated time of arrival.

Phone & Messaging -

Stay connected to important calls and texts.

More information about the technology you can find here.

Make it yours.

Personalize and enhance your Jacquard articles with various Jacquard Abilities. With Actions, you can customize gestures to access online services, apps, and information without reaching for your phone2. For example, with a simple brush of your cuff, you can get your next direction, skip to the next track on your playlist, or hear upcoming appointments. Set up Alerts to get notifications with light or haptic feedback. For example, get notified when your ride-share arrives or when you get a message from an important loved one. As more services become available on the Jacquard platform, so will the ways you can use Jacquard Abilities. With Jacquard, your things just get better over time. More Information about the capabilities you can check here.

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