Take your challenge in a World Without Borders

Digitization is breaking traditional industry boundaries, and there is even evidence that a dozen variants are emerging in traditional industries where customers can enjoy an end-to-end experience for a wide range of products and services through a single digital access portal. And while we're often blown away by people like Amazon, it's very likely that this is nothing compared to what we'll experience in the next decade.

In the September 2017 issue of McKinsey Quarterly, the authors do their best to tell us how digitization will shape the global industry, how we can make better decisions, how we can develop an action plan for workplace automation, and how we can improve people management.

I recommend this report based on the complexity and the content of this report is still valid.

The content of this report includes:

  • Competitive in a world of industries without borders

  • Cracks in the carpooling market and how to fill them

  • Culture for a Digital Age

  • Unbundling decision making in your organization

  • High-performance teams

  • A CEO action plan for workplace automation

  • A machine learning approach for risk capital

  • The CEO's Guide to Competition by the Human Resources Department

  • A case study on using people analytics to improve business performance

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